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Our clients¬†rely on us for results and that isn’t a position we take lightly. From billion-dollar brands to local retail chains, the Sound Press team is focused on achieving your goals. We’re proud of our client’s accomplishments, helped forward by the partnership, strategy, and deliverables we’re able to provide. When we come alongside a new opportunity, our successes are shared. Take a look at a few projects and clients we’re helping down the growth path, using digital, brand, marketing, and technology all working together for a common goal.

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Dynamat is a thin, flexible, easy-to-cut-and-mold sheet that actually stops noise-causing resonance and vibration. This is achieved by using VECTOR Chemistry, which promotes vibro-acoustic energy conversion. In short, that means noise becomes silent energy.

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ACDelco - General Motors

Sound Press has long had a partnership with major automotive parts manufacturers and their distribution networks. GM / ACDelco has been a leader in B2B Automotive Ecommerce, Distribution Network, Manufacturing, and of course amazing vehicles. With such a broad distribution network, ACDelco needed a way to equip their distribution network with marketing tools to grow sales and connect with end user customers. Sound Press created innovative ways of selling non-application parts, chemicals and other products not related to a VIN. Sound Press specializes is B2B ecommerce and creates integrated web tools to increase sales in the B2B space.

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Family EQ

Family EQ is an innovative life changing SaaS product. It is geared towards reducing the stress that primary care givers have when taking care of people with special needs. Other applications include helping primary care givers in other patient and life scenarios. The product is a survey based tool that creates unique action plans based on the responders for that patient or special needs person. The primary care giver is able to have 5 other people contribute to the survey and have the custom action plans reflect their responses as well for a comprehensive approach.

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Reaching a pinnacle 25 year anniversary, it was time for a brand refresh. Transfreight is a premier 3rd Party Logistics company providing leading high-end service in the automotive industry. Their workforce and culture was going to be energized by a rebranding effort. The name was going to stay the same, but the brand look and feel needed to be completely redesigned.

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We have the experience to take your business to the next level. We'd love to show you how our team will work for you.

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