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Our clients come to us for services as strategic as long-term business planning, product development, brand positioning, and lead generation; as technical as custom website development, multimedia, and custom apps; and as creative as graphic design for print, trade show assets and digital promotions. We work with them collaboratively as advisors, coaches, account executives, creatives and technicians, and we honor the trust they place in us to represent their brands and build their businesses faithfully.


Marketing technology is always changing. We stay on the cutting edge to help show our clients what’s possible today, and help them flow in these online generations. Our goal is to help new and existing businesses and non-profit organizations grow to the next level. It’s really fun when it can all come together! We love brand consistency across platforms. Click a category link to see and read more about how we work in each area of practice. Some of our most popular areas of expertise are listed under our service heading.


Your website is home base for many – if not most – of your other marketing efforts. From Inbound Marketing and Conversion to Social Media (link to campaigns/social-media) and Content Management, all roads (should) lead to/through your SEM-supported, CRM-integrated website. We help companies with the strategic positioning, technical functionality, creative look and feel, and optimal ongoing performance at the nucleus of their marketing programming.
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At Sound Press, we believe a brand is a vision turned into reality, which an organization must steward, and a community must embrace if it is to be strong and sustainable. We work with visionaries to turn their dreams into reality. Our process of helping a company steward the brand involves great efforts in accurate and clear communication within an organization about the product/vision, and then the same clear communication towards the marketplace.
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With all of the technology and bandwidth today, there are multiple ways consumers can interact with a brand. Multimedia is the digital interactive experience of the brand that brings excitement to that experience, and keeps people coming back for more.
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Sound Press develops web applications used by Fortune 500 companies. We have a suite of web applications in B2B and B2C e-commerce used by thousands every day. Web applications move and process data, return results, allowing consumers to do, process, purchase, store, and interact.
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Print is an art form, and it also remains a vital element of many sales and marketing initiatives. As digital as our culture is, there is still the need for tangible print pieces, and in many cases, we see great print breaking through the digital noise. Nothing can replace the tactile feel of flipping around a great brochure, or seeing a print piece that draws you in unplugged from the digital world.
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Sales Strategy is a comprehensive way of addressing several areas related to business growth. We pursue several areas of practice with analysis and discussion to be able to create a sales strategy that is right for your brand. The areas of practice include some of the following:
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The old “if we build it, they will come” strategy does not work. Brands have to stay active with their customers to keep momentum in the marketplace.
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Campaigns are what you run to announce a new product, news, promote your brand, or promote your new website. We find it best to have more than one type of media running for campaign strategy because customers don’t all live in the same media space.
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You may have heard of Hubspot, ActOn, Eloqua, SharpSpring, Pardot, Marketo, and others. All these tools basically do the same thing – deliver lead generating content unique to individuals – Automatically.
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A lot of little pieces all work well together in marketing. Yes, we do PR, Video Production, Voice of the Customer case studies for clients, Content Creation, design Trade Show Assets, light market research, Search Engine Marketing with organic and paid strategies, and of course Social Media.

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