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Dynamat case study

About Dynamat

Dynamat is a thin, flexible, easy-to-cut-and-mold sheet that actually stops noise-causing resonance and vibration. This is achieved by using VECTOR Chemistry, which promotes vibro-acoustic energy conversion. In short, that means noise becomes silent energy.

The Dynamat brand is recognized by consumers around the world as quality products for solutions to unwanted noise and vibration. The Dynamat brand maintains the dominant market share in Car Audio and Automotive Restoration acoustic solutions. Dynamat, Inc. also provides a broad range of unique product solutions for home acoustics, computers, appliances, and Original Equipment Manufacturers.


Dynamat’s website was outdated and sorely in need of a refresh to reflect the cutting edge nature of their brand and products. They had a strong relationship with die-hard customers who love their products, but that wasn’t translating yet to a new generation of customers looking to connect digitally.

Previous Dynamat Website

Dynamat came to Sound Press for assistance in enhancing their online presence to better connect with future generations of customers, building on their existing brand equity. In the world of car audio, “Dynamatting” is a verb indicative of THE industry standard for car audio noise-dampening, used much like “Googling” is for web search. Sound Press was called upon to build a cutting-edge site to match their cutting-edge products and allow better interactions with their customers while driving traffic toward their partner distributors to increase product sales.


Dynamat’s new website is fully responsive (mobile-friendly), engaging, and much more dynamic than what they had before. It’s built upon a solid foundation of best practices for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). It will serve alongside Dynamat’s social media efforts to drive more traffic to learn about their products and ultimately purchase products directly from Dynamat or through a Dynamat distributor.

One of our primary initiatives for 2021 was to revamp our digital presence.  The foundation of this started with our website.  When we were looking for the right partner to assist us in this process, we concluded, rather quickly, that Sound Press had the right approach and experience.  They took the time to learn our business, understand our vision and work with us to deliver a website that showed the various breadth and capabilities of our company.  Throughout the entire process, they were very organized and communicative and challenged us, in the spirit of partnership.  We are quite pleased with the outcome of this engagement and would highly recommend SoundPress for your marketing needs. — Mike Good, President, Dynamat

The new website highlights all of Dynamat’s product lines, expanding beyond their original core of Car Audio to include Home & Architecture, Marine, and Industrial applications. Dynamic photos showcase their products in action, and provide clear distinctives that help Dynamat remain at the lead of the pack in the realm of sound and vibration canceling products.

Sound Press worked with Dynamat to create digital strategy that brings together social media, search and other digital advertising, PR and news, and industry events that better integrate with their new web presence. Sound Press also worked to promote strategic partnerships and programs making use of social media, web content, and formal press releases. This improved web presence serves as a connection and information hub for their customers.

“There are a lot of web design firms that have sound methodologies and good people and can build a good website for a company. That’s not Sound Press. They’re much more than that. They’ve got a solid approach and a talented team. But, what makes them unique is going the extra mile to truly understand you so they can build a website (and other communication vehicles) that tell your unique story in the most compelling way. They’re a business partner and not just a service provider.”

Pioneer Cladding & Glazing - Director of Business Development, Coleman Jones

"I wanted to write today to thank you for your enormous help and that of the staff at Sound Press. The ability to provide today’s customers with a user friendly and informative website is integral to the success of any company in the 21st century. Sound Press has indeed been indispensable in providing just that for us at H&H. Along with your informative suggestions and high quality design, it is your availability to answer questions (and patience when they have been asked more than once) and provide insightful solutions that makes Sound Press so valuable. Thanks again."

H&H Wholesale Parts - Marketing Administrator, Patrick Brown

"We were in a jam. Less than 2 months to go for our first exhibition show of a new product we were rolling out. Then enters Adam and SoundPress. They were awesome!! In a time that most would have said simply was not practically possible, SoundPress not only had us ‘show-ready’, but provided film clips and great branding that made us look like we had been around for decades.

Since then, that very same product has turned into a line of products which needed new branding. Again, SoundPress came through with incredible branding, feel, and look. Need branding or professional presentation while working with an organization with very high integrity – and just fun to work with?? In my experience, SoundPress is the way to go!"

Bruetta - President, Rob Stease