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Strategic Planning – Execution Before Strategy?

With over 23 years of business with so many different companies, we’ve seen a lot of great, and we’ve seen a lot of not-so-great. One of the keys to success that is great, is when we see Strategic Planning for Growth. The context for this is usually growing or adding a business division or initiative…

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ACPN Review – Hanging with the Founders

I remember months ago when Ron Larson, our Director of Sales and long-time industry veteran, said, “We should go to ACPN.” I said, “What is it?” Well, now I know. It’s the data, the industry standards, the categorization, and ACES/PIES, and all the great men and women that make automotive, commercial, and heavy-duty parts possible…

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Automotive Manufacturer ERP Integrations

At Sound Press, we are often the middle consultants on various system integrations. With automotive manufacturers, the main systems we end up discussing are ERP systems, Product Information Management systems (PIMs), Digital Asset Management systems (DAMs), and e-commerce platforms both B2B and B2C. Let’s talk about ERP systems. As manufacturers have business goals, technology is…

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How’s Your Customer Experience?

Customer Experience – Does it really matter? Think about your own experiences shopping whether in person or online. I think you care about your experience, and so do your customers care about the experience they have with your company. Here’s a famous quote from Sam Walton of Walmart – “There is only one boss. The…

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Good Data Wins

You may have heard the adage “Good data in, good data out. Bad data in, bad data out.” This couldn’t be more true (and sometimes painful) in the automotive industry. Good catalog data is the heart and soul of selling auto parts online. Having worked with many distributors across the country, we’ve seen firsthand the…

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Automotive eCommerce continues to grow in 2023!

With the holidays and 2022 behind us, it’s time to dive into the new year and new opportunities. At last November’s AAPEX show in Las Vegas, we spoke to many of you who have an interest and are seeing the growing need for eCommerce in your businesses. If we learned nothing else from a worldwide…

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