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Effective Email Marketing

In the world of automotive distribution, mastering email marketing is pivotal for staying ahead of your competition. Crafting an effective email campaign begins with building a robust and segmented email list.

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Who is at the Table?

The Sound Press team does a fair amount of strategic planning. And given that some of this planning certainly involves $MM we need to do our best due diligence to get it right. Who are we working with in all this? Well, that’s a good question about who is at the table.

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ACPN Review – Hanging with the Founders

I remember months ago when Ron Larson, our Director of Sales and long-time industry veteran, said, “We should go to ACPN.” I said, “What is it?” Well, now I know. It’s the data, the industry standards, the categorization, and ACES/PIES, and all the great men and women that make automotive, commercial, and heavy-duty parts possible…

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Automotive Manufacturer ERP Integrations

At Sound Press, we are often the middle consultants on various system integrations. With automotive manufacturers, the main systems we end up discussing are ERP systems, Product Information Management systems (PIMs), Digital Asset Management systems (DAMs), and e-commerce platforms both B2B and B2C. Let’s talk about ERP systems. As manufacturers have business goals, technology is…

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