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Joe and the staff at SoundPress are one of the most professional companies I have ever worked with. Joe was in constant contact with me throughout the website process, from the initial scope meeting to the content setup and even training. This was very important to me, being a novice at the website functionality needs for my business. Although I knew I needed to have an internet presence, I was not sure how to accomplish this on my own, and Joe and SoundPress made it happen in a cost-effective manner. Joe was great at keeping me in the loop and making sure everything they included was approved for the site, but he also made sure it was not burdensome to me. Even after the site was completed, Soundpress is the site host and Joe stays in touch. I feel like Joe genuinely cares for his customers and I can contact him at any time to make changes or improvements. I know being a self-employed small businessman is sometimes overwhelming with all of the organization in your control, but I would recommend turning over the website control to Joe and the competent people at Sound Press.
Charlie Todd
Owner – Todd’s Auto Parts

We want to thank Joe and the Sound Press team for their work on our B2B catalog build-out. Joe kept us updated every step of the way. He was extremely easy to work with and knowledgeable in the heavy-duty industry. Without their services, we’d be categorizing and gathering data for another year at least!
Nikki Thiffault
East Coast Truck & Trailer

“Sound Press was very helpful and knowledgeable. They explained everything to us in a way we could understand and also trained us to managed our Hometab site for ourselves. The Hometab turned out beautifully. It is easy for our customers to order directly from the pages.”
– Brandy Menichini
Cee Kay Auto

“Working with Sound Press was easy, fun, and resulted in a beautifully done website. Their background, knowledge, and attention to detail were nothing short of spectacular. This is the first time we’ve ever constructed a website and it was a breeze because of all the help Sound Press gave. Once the website was completed they were still easy to reach and eager to help with any additional details. Thank you!”
– Alex Williams
Cee Kay Auto

“The team at Sound Press is Great! We have done several projects with them and the finished results have exceeded our expectations every time. They have helped us build and grow our brand in the digital world from advertisements, brochures, to our newly designed website. We couldn’t have found a better partner in my mind to help us with our marketing goals!”
– Daryl Holliday
Arnold Oil Company

“Dear Adam and Sound Press,
I wanted to write today to thank you for your enormous help and that of the staff at Sound Press. The ability to provide today’s customers with a user friendly and informative website is integral to the success of any company in the 21st century. Sound Press has indeed been indispensable in providing just that for us at H&H. Along with your informative suggestions and high quality design, it is your availability to answer questions (and patience when they have been asked more than once) and provide insightful solutions that makes Sound Press so valuable. Thanks again.”
– Patrick Brown
Marketing Administrator – H&H Wholesale Parts

“Sound Press did a fantastic job helping us set up our hometab page. From our very first contact to our launch, Sound Press has provided exceptional customer service and is an excellent company to work with. Every question was answered quickly and they went above and beyond what I asked of them. Ever since the launch of our hometab, we’ve received great feedback from our customers and we continue to use this wonderful tool to both communicate information to the customer and promote sales. If you’re already using Nexpart, I would highly recommend the integration of the hometab site.”
– Shao Dyi
GM – City Auto Supply

“We’ve known we needed to get a website up in our Hometab area in Nexpart. Sound Press finally made it happen for us, and are helping us grow our online business. Being able to quickly sell oils, coolants, and specials is just the beginning, as we can now leverage global communication to our growing base of Nexpart users. Thanks to Sound Press, we’ve got a great platform to grow our online sales and build better relationships with our customers.”
– Sam Majidi
Owner – Delcoline Inc.

“The Sound Press team is responsive and easy to work with. They help keep my specials content updated on a monthly basis. Their Hometab click-to-buy functionality is the key to our company making quick sales within Nexpart. My customers need their hometab experience to be as few clicks as possible. It would be ineffective and cumbersome for my customers to have to call in or take the extra steps to find the product in another spot within Nexpart. One-click shopping simply works.”
– John Warren
Sales Manager – National Parts Supply