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Pioneer Glazing


Soundpress-Pioneer Glazing

As one of the nation’s premier glazing contractors, Pioneer Glazing designs, fabricates and installs innovative, high quality unitized curtain wall and custom building facades. They approached us to overhaul their website to make the quality of their impression match the quality of their service. Their previous website did not do a good job of displaying their expertise and portfolio, which made it difficult for visitors to understand the types of projects Pioneer excels at.

Pioneer also sought to clarify their brand messaging around their three primary audiences – General Contractors, Architects, and Owners. These three types of clients are looking for different things when seeking a glazing company, and Pioneer had historically struggled to delineate those messages. Pioneer especially wanted to increase their messaging directed at General Contractors, their primary audience.

Finally, Pioneer sought to put their Partner Model first as the core values of their brand, and ensure that formed the foundation for their brand and marketing efforts.


Screenshots of old website


Telling the story of a company is one of the best ways to build connections with customers and create market differentiation. Sound Press was retained to do just that. Our process began with a series of meetings with key stake-holders, owners, C-Level team members, and head of sales. We crafted a new tagline and created a Value Model that Pioneer can use to quickly show visually the value they bring in their GC, Owner, Architect partnerships. Sound Press designed a website that would focus on two primary areas: Pioneer’s Portfolio, and their company’s core values in the form of the Partner Model. The site was also designed in such a way as to prevent these key areas to the 3 primary audiences of General Contractors, Architects, and Owners.

Soundpress_Case Study - Pioneer Glazing


The Portfolio is highlighted immediately via a series of rotating images highlighting key projects that Pioneer has worked on. Clicking through on any project provides a detail page of the project data as well as a full photo gallery for each project. The overall Portfolio is also supported by a series of Case Studies which provide a more in-depth look at specific projects. Each project summary and case study is provided in online form and in a summary PDF for clients to print out as desired for their own presentations.

Sound Press designed a visual Partner Model to represent the core idea that Pioneer is a One-Stop Shop for design, planning, manufacturing, and installation. This is key to their business growth, as they have too often been put into just one or two of those buckets with their clients not realizing their full offerings. The Partner Model serves to demonstrate what makes Pioneer unique from many other contractors who only do manufacturing or installation, and should encourage new and existing clients to seek Pioneer out at the beginning of the project to carry them through to completion.

“There are a lot of web design firms that have sound methodologies and good people and can build a good website for a company. That’s not Sound Press. They’re much more than that. They’ve got a solid approach and a talented team. But, what makes them unique is going the extra mile to truly understand you so they can build a website (and other communication vehicles) that tell your unique story in the most compelling way. They’re a business partner and not just a service provider.”
Coleman Jones, Director of Business Development

Soundpress-Pioneer Glazing
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