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WHI Solutions/Sound Press Offer New B2C eCommerce Solution

WHI Solutions and Sound Press Offer a New B2C Ecommerce Solution to the Automotive Aftermarket

CINCINNATI, January 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Sound Press, in continuing partnership with WHI Solutions, has acquired further certification in B2C to drive better B2C eCommerce success in the automotive aftermarket, distribution, and manufacturing sectors.

A long-term WHI value add marketing partner, Sound Press has recently become a certified integrator of the WHI Solutions Catalog, which allows the rich data content found in Nexpart to be made available in Sound Press B2C applications. This allows for part descriptions, images, SmartPage data, ACES/PIES-compliant categorization and taxonomy, positional data, fitment applications, SEO data, and more to be utilized on a public-facing website to sell parts direct to consumers.

Adam Smith of Sound Press says, “WHI is known for a best-in-class parts catalog and B2B excellence, but they have also invested in eCommerce enabled ways-to-do-business that have opened up very successful B2C data paths. While not a B2C platform company, what WHI has as a parts catalog and YMME fitment data provider is able to be leveraged into top-tier eCommerce applications. I’ve seen many failed eComm efforts that did not account for systems integrations and data integrity. WHI has solved those two most difficult areas with best-in-class automotive data, and best-in-class integrations that enable eCommerce success. WHI’s solutions are used in the best B2C and B2B automotive e-commerce applications. Our certification furthers our ability to serve enterprise-class clients with robust B2C and B2B eCommerce integrated solutions.”

Dave Young of WHI Solutions says, “Sound Press is a long-term trusted partner of WHI and proven integrator of WHI’s technology. We are excited to have WHI Catalog data work within the Sound Press B2C offering. Sound Press brings some much-needed expertise to an industry looking for more options in the B2C space.”

About WHI Solutions, Inc.
WHI Solutions, Inc. is the #1 provider of web-based e-business applications for the transportation industry with a complete suite of integrated solutions that helps companies cost-effectively serve their customers, increase sales, improve customer service, and reduce cost.
Contact WHI at sales@whisolutions.com

About Sound Press
Founded in 2000, Sound Press is a leading Cincinnati-based marketing agency building brands and executing digital strategy for companies ranging from $10M to $2B+ and Fortune 500 class, known for automotive manufacturer and warehouse distributor marketing solutions.
Contact Sound Press at info@soundpress.com or visit https://soundpress.com/automotive


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