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Proven Results for Warehouse Distributors

For over 15 years Sound Press has been a partner to WHI/eBay in CONNECTION Hometab and The Market support for many ACDelco warehouse distributors. We are acutely aware that the automotive B2B world can be a tough space to sell and do business in. Automotive distribution has its own set of challenges that need to be met with a clear strategy and action plan. Sound Press has taken on these challenges to help grow sales and increase the bottom line for countless distributors.


The main challenges for ACDelco distributors are two-fold – Primarily, how do we bring users to the CONNECTION site and secondarily, how do we encourage users to buy online rather than simply call or visit a warehouse? The first challenge rests entirely outside of the B2B world of CONNECTION. How do we communicate to users that CONNECTION is the premier place to buy parts? Additionally, once a user has logged in, what tools do we have to ensure users are purchasing online and getting the most out of their account?


Responding to these needs, Sound Press worked alongside ACDelco corporate to help market the CONNECTION Hometab and The Market products as well as working internally to build systems that track statistics and analytics. Sound Press exists as a full-service digital marketing agency, specializing in web design/development and various other forms of digital marketing. We help drive more users to WD Hometab sites and The Market catalogs through email campaigns and website ads. Inside of the CONNECTION, we make use of the built-in ‘opening page’ announcements feature to alert users of new specials and promotions. Additionally, Sound Press has built a custom system to help display non-application parts in various forms of flyers, rotators, and multi-page click-to-buy documents.


Sound Press helps drive more users to CONNECTION by utilizing login portals on your public website.



In all of these cases, Sound Press showed clear trackable results for each CONNECTION user. Results that not only increased traffic to their sites but also revenue. See below for a few stats that show proven results from a few of our WD’s.

Sound Press helped drive nearly 5000 users in 1 month to a landing page and gave the opportunity for further training engagement.
Sound Press helped drive over 3,200 users in 1 month to the landing page and gave the opportunity for users to Stock Check items.



With such a broad distribution network, ACDelco needed a way to equip their distribution network with marketing tools to grow sales and connect with end-user customers. Sound Press utilized existing features in CONNECTION as well as created innovative tools for selling non-application parts, chemicals, and other products within CONNECTION.

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