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Sell More in Nexpart

6 things you need to be doing RIGHT NOW to sell more in Nexpart!

Your Nexpart account is packed with marketing and sales potential just waiting to be harnessed. Sound Press has built and managed many hometab sites across various markets and have identified 6 major factors that will help keep your Nexpart account effective and keep customers coming back for more.

  1. Hometab siteNexpart’s single most powerful sales tool – Like having your own B2C website, customized data and selling points bring value to your customers each time they log in.
  2. MyItems non-application catalog – MyItems has become the standard for non-application parts. With Smart Search options, your salesmen and customers will always be able to find exactly what they need as quickly as possible.
  3. Custom Rotators – The homepage rotator has proven to be one of the most effective selling tools on the hometab site. Focus on 10-15 of your top sellers or seasonal products to make quick sales.
  4. Custom Flyers – Whether you produce your own specials or promotional flyers or have Sound Press design them for you, we offer smart click-to-buy functionality that helps fill up the cart quicker and ultimately save your customers’ time.
  5. Monthly or Bi-monthly hometab updates – Like most websites, if you aren’t keeping the content current on the homepage, users eventually become trained to ignore the homepage. Let us help you keep your hometab data relevant and current for your customers.
  6. Hometab Default Landing Page – If your hometab page is not the default landing page upon logging in, you are missing out on an opportunity to grab your customers’ attention and capture sales effectively and quickly. This simple adjustment has been a proven tool in helping gain sales with each user login.

Get started on customizing your hometab to make it more effective and relevant for your customers and help build your bottom line.

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