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    iOS and Android Website Audits Are Becoming Critical

    Check your Google Analytics account for Visitors - Mobile - Mobile Devices. Clients are seeing some crazy percentage growth there for new visits. If your bounce rates are high and avg time on site is super low, chances are your site isn't optimized for mobile devices.

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What People Say

  • Sound Press listened, advised, and designed an experience that has increased our visibility and impact, and continues to inspire both our team and our constituents. icon

    - Noel Bouché, President PureHope

  • Sound Press covers all the bases in website development. From concepts to keywords, they tailor every website to meet each client’s needs.icon

    -Chuck Proudfit, Owner/Founder, SkillSource

  • I credit Sound Press with putting my company on the map. Using Sound Press has allowed me to grow my business without having to worry about becoming an internet expert as well.icon

    - Rick Krug

  • Along with your informative suggestions and high quality design, it is your availability to answer questions (and patience when they have been asked more than once) and provide insightful solutions that makes Sound Press so valuable.icon

    - Patrick Brown, H&H Wholesale Parts

  • Our site with Sound Press was a perfect fit to complement our in-house marketing efforts. Thanks Sound Press team for your great service and expertise in helping us grow our business.icon

    - Jay Acree, The Parts House

  • From our very first contact to our launch, Sound Press has provided exceptional customer service and is an excellent company to work with.icon

    - Shao Dyi, City Auto

  • Thanks Sound Press, we've got a great platform to grow our online sales and build better relationships with our customers.icon

    - Sam Majidi, Delcoline Inc.

  • Sound Press, I wanted to let you know how happy we are with the services you offer. Our customers have been ecstatic. Your support is always there when we need it. icon

    - Stan Conner, Ken Smith Auto Parts

  • For over 7 years Sound Press has kept our internet identity perfectly positioned to optimize our growth. icon

    - Andy Martin, SenSource

  • Sound Press is one of the rare development companies that not only does great work, but can effectively manage the project so that it’s done right and on time.icon

    - Jason Huebner,

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