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Sales Strategy

Sales Strategy is a comprehensive way of addressing several areas related to business growth. We pursue several areas of practice with analysis and discussion to be able to create a sales strategy that is right for your brand. The areas of practice include some of the following:

Growth Evaluations

How much do we want to grow?
Where do we want to grow?
By when do we want to grow?
And more!

Evaluation of the Leadership in Sales Management

Targeting Strategy
Pipeline Management
And more!

Execution Evaluation

Entry strategy
Call plan
How to measure the effectiveness of a meeting
And more!


Lead development
Sales collateral
Website and digital presence
And more!

One example in evaluation of leadership and sales management teams would be Pipeline Management. Many companies use some sort of Pipeline tool, but the management and use of various tools is more important than the tool!! Communicate, Manage, Qualify. The identification and focus of a target is a significant step. If the targets keep changing the actions and the focus just are a waste of time. Once the targets are committed to, then it is critical to know what needs to be completed for each. What is the repeatable plan of action that will be applied to each target. Those actions will assist in you knowing in which Pipeline stage is that specific target. Thus enabling you to know what is the probability of winning and what would be the timing of a win. In this way you can plan your organization around the growth.

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