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Breast Health Options

Breast Health Options is a platform for advancing women’s breast health. They promote insurance coverage and affordable access to cryoablation as an alternative to traditional surgery for fibroadenoma.

Their technology combines compact, disposable probe design with a state-of-the-art console to yield the coldest, most stable cryoablation temperatures for treating breast tumors.

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Breast Health Options is about bringing best practices and better access to care for women that desire treatment for breast tumors. through one of our great client relationships with health agree, a partnership was developed to combine our efforts to benefit BHO for patient advocacy and ICeCure medical the innovative manufacturer. Our challenge was that the current web effort was not current, out of date broken not contributed to heavily, needed testimonials and was even hacked. they needed a strategic plan to address the varying demographics of physicians patients and insurance companies. another formality in place was that all content has to be approved by the FDA.


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Through the course of strategic planning with directors and team members, we were able to clarify the brand message about the product and the key value proposition for each customer demographic. project initiatives were put in place such as video based case studies for patients, friends of patients, doctors, breast surgeons and practice managers. print collateral was designed and developed for radiologist breast surgeons and physicians. trade show display boards and booths were designed with the new brand message and 2 large new responsive websites were needed for both the patient advocacy side and the manufacturer side.

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Through our partnership with Health Agree we were able to create relationships with patients breast surgeons and practice managers that would allow video testimonials. some of these were done via Skype and others were done onsite with crew capturing the voice of the customer. Adam Smith was able to interview the subjects to highlight and reinforce the brand promise in those demographics. the collateral with custom illustrations helped equip the sales force to begin to grow both equipment sales and locations for treatment. the new responsive websites were a huge support to the social media marketing that SP implemented. we were able to grow LIKES and FOLLOWERs by over 1,400%. Web traffic combined with Google campaigns was increased by 800%. An innovative zipcode lookup for treatment helps patients around the country find better access for case. the take action page on BHO equips site visitors to pursue the joint mission of patient advocacy. SP continues to promote BHO as a best practice for women who want treatment for breast tumors.

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