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Ascribe is the leading global provider of verbatim management software, transforming open-ended comments into actionable insights. They have a long history serving the world’s leading market research firms, and recently extended their service offering directly to corporate users, escalating the need for a website revamp, and they engaged The Sound Press as their design and development partner.

Soundpress case study - Ascribe

Ascribe won the Pinnacle Award from the American Marketing Association in the Best Use of Website & SEM category!


Ascribe has served the world’s largest market research firms for nearly two decades, and enjoys tremendous brand presence and penetration in this space. Over the past several years, they have initiated a strategy to aggressively expand their position with Corporate Customer Experience Management/Voice of the Customer marketers, where they have been a niche research player and relatively unknown.

This created a need and opportunity to shift the focus, messaging, tone, content and structure of their website, which had grown cluttered and complicated from a highly technical and analytical content base. Additionally, the website was technically outdated and needed to be modernized for appearance, user experience, responsive design and dramatically improved SEM.

Screenshots of old website


With customer experience, language and technology at the core of its business, Ascribe knows how to understand, articulate and apply insights toward optimized solutions. This made them a powerful and savvy client partner. Our job was to listen carefully, reimagine creatively, and build a home dynamically for their vision and values, keeping it fresh, clear, engaging and simple.

Creative, resourceful design and imagery were central to successful execution. We designed within carefully selected stock imagery, incorporating custom and technical design elements like looping header video, nuanced photo effects, and original infographics. Other visual elements, like internal display ads, collapsed text blocks and randomized copy rotators add to the energy, richness and simplicity of the site, and feature the many calls to action (CTAs).

From a technical perspective, Ascribe had previously built its entire website on a custom platform that didn’t play well in the current connected environment. Shifting to Word Press was an important first step, and from there we built a custom site able to fully capitalize on technologies for on- and off-site optimization and tracking. Some of the more critical integrations included Salesforce forms (direct submission to Ascribe’s CRM for easy sales team tracking and follow-up) and enhanced site visitor tracking through session variables and cookies to see specific user activity.

One of the defining strategies of this project was to incorporate SEO and strategic external links in original design and content development, with ongoing monitoring for continuous improvement. We used a carefully-constructed keyword list to build in creative optimization dynamically across the site and, importantly, on the back end through metadata and header tags for easy searchability and enhanced placement in Google and other search engines.

Soundpress case study - Ascribe


Ascribe was pleased with initial and ongoing results, and so was the marketplace. We achieved faster-than-average positive results and sustained improvement ratios. The site is now responsive, with mobile traffic up by as much as 250% year over year. Messaging is now focused on the Corporate User with a clearly articulated value proposition: Text Analytics – Make customer feedback actionable fast.

The website doesn’t just look good – its functionality from a technical perspective is as about as good as it gets, with exemplary site audit scores sustained in the top most ranking. We attribute this success to our collaborative approach, and see it as a direct reflection of improved User Experience. Monthly monitoring shows strong and growing stats. Conversions went up by 42%, and average monthly web leads were up 20% for the five months following launch as compared to the seven months prior to launch. Site Traffic, Page Views, Session Duration, New Users, Return Users and Bounce Rate all improved.

Our collaborative partnership approach also allows us to quickly address opportunities we see in the data. For example, as part of ongoing continual improvement efforts, we observed an underperforming page with higher potential: Session duration of only 25 seconds and a very high bounce rate despite a positive 75% scroll rate. We restructured the page, and within one month, duration improved from 25 seconds to 3 minutes and bounce rate improved by 19%

“I am not a marketer, but I know great marketing when I see it. I see it in the intersection of talents across the spectrum of creative, technical, strategy and delivery. Sound Press not only is strong across all four, but also is one of the most collaborative partners I’ve come across. They were central to our ability to combine the best of each skillset in an integrated team approach, which ultimately put our website at the top of the pack to win the 2016 AMA Cincinnati Pinnacle Award for marketing excellence and “Best Use of Website & SEM. I’m very appreciative, and proud of this work.”
Rick Kieser, CEO


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