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Soundpress case study - Ascribe
An existing Health Care Claims processing SaaS company needed to re-enter the marketplace. It’s critical that we can make an entrance with our new upgraded software platform to show the marketplace we have what it takes to be better, and more simple. The whole company name needed to change. The software was being re-engineered. The company is reinventing itself. The new CEO is sharp, seasoned, and knows a new brand and new software platform will win. Our agency was tasked with creating a new brand, a new message, and a new digital presence.


To build a new brand, we have to have a new name. And that name needs to be great. Not a name that we like, but a new brand name that we love. We need that new name to be free and clear in Intellectual Property space. The name should help tell the story of the company, and be a foundation for the future of the company. We began by exploring the desires of the team, CEO, and ownership group for a new name. We explored traditional, abstract, and hybrid names. We were able to create a great name that holds true to the promise of the company and the software to its customers.


Alveo was born. Alveo’s etymology has its roots in Italian for “riverbed” alluding to the flow of data and claims processing that the software delivers. Automate, aggregate, and accelerate claims. Alveo – Simple is better. A new responsive website design features the honoring of the Cincinnati area with an artistic version of the Cincinnati skyline as a creative asset. Feedback on the new brand has been overwhelmingly positive, and the company is poised for growth and a gain in market share.


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